Labels from the experts!

When you need your cables labelled we’ve got it covered. Any label for any cable in any colour.  We have teamed up with Briben Ltd to bring you the very best in labelling technology.  Briben can provide any labelfor any purpose.   Being market leaders in labelling technology Briben can solve any labelling problem and offer one the […]


Def-Std & Din-Std Cable

A Blog on Def-Std & Din-Std 47100 Cable Have you considered using LiYcY Cable rather than Def-Std?  It comes in Grey & Black and is a great alternative with non-repeated colour cores. Why change?  Well let’s say you have two similar cables for a device and as part of the technical log you have to list the […]

Low cost V cheap!

If you are a design engineer you’re probably under pressure right now to design using lower cost parts.  We understand the fear of “low cost” but don’t worry we know the difference between cheap and low cost! Just like you we spend our time making things so we know what falls apart after 5 minuets […]

Image – Make it count!

Visiting Subcon yesterday I noticed a lot of very innovative products a credit to the UK manufacturing industry.  I was struck by one thing.  Image, or lack of pizzazz! What do I mean by this?  Well there were some very clever products in boring boxes linked by dull colours.  I don’t mean to be rude but the stands attracting […]

Partnership in business

During the recession some companies have felt they have to lower their prices to win more business. We must remember that in business it is a partnership. We all need each other. But what can we do to stop being beaten up on price all the time? To be really good at what we do […]

RS & Coax Cables

Working in CCTV is all about video quality.  Don’t allow your system to run on poor quality cables.  Talk to us as High Quality is NOT as expensive as you think! We know of many ways of ensuring you have excellent video quality while not compromising on value. Call us now to find out more.

Helpful Partnerships in Engineering

We have teamed up with AiiD to reduce the cost of your control equipment. Together we can dramatically reduce the cost of Power Control. Call us today to find out more! These guys are doing some very clever things with control units.  not only reducing space and power consumption but also cost. We recommend that […]