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We supply all cable assemblies, bespoke cables, standard cables & box-build services

Specialising in cables and box-build assemblies, we are able to provide you with a service that ensures you get the cables and assemblies you want when you want them. With our in-depth knowledge, you can be sure that we will understand your requirements and work to deliver the most cost-effective, high-quality solution.

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Bespoke cable assemblies

With our expertise at your service, you can be assured that when it comes to Bespoke Cable Assembly Manufacturing you are in friendly, experienced & safe hands.

We will guarantee your satisfaction by ensuring you get the right Custom Cables manufactured and working just the way you want them when you want them.

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Quality is something that we take seriously. To live up to your expectations of excellence in cables, cable assembly and box build we know that we have to achieve exceptionally high standards.

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Automotive to Aerospace

Our expertise spans across many sectors from automotive to aerospace, and our approach can be applied to the specific demands in your industry. Discover more about the industries we work with. 


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Industry sector


Supporting the next generation of automotive technology from vehicle testing and monitoring to security, fuel and environmental monitoring equipment.

Our custom cables can be found installed in every type of vehicle from commercial, specialist to HGV.  Recognised by some of the world leading brands for quality innovation and expertise. 

Industry sector


To realise the potential of modern design concepts and investing in latest connector technologies, keep our clients competitive and reduce time to market which is critical to commercial products.

Both OEM’s and Contract Manufactures benefit from working with us by utilising out cutting edge technology.  We support next generation engineered solutions that demonstrate the UK’s ability to design and manufacture world leading electronic devices.


Industry sector


From electrical and heavy-duty control panels to electronics systems that are at the heart of industrial products.  By combining the best of traditional electrical and latest electronics assembly techniques, we drive assembly costs down and maintain the highest quality standards.

From factory automation to heavy engineering devices, Industrial products work in the background keeping the lights on and the nation moving, often overlooked, this vital industry is the backbone of modern life.

Industry sector

Ministry of Defence

Defence and Security expect only the best assembly standards.  When IPC Class III is the minimum, we aim higher in the pursuit of technical excellence and the perfection of cable assembly’s harnesses and looms.

When failure is not an option and only the best will do, Nicab Ltd has a solid reputation for reliability. Many of our cable assemblies can be found in the harshest of environments keeping mission critical systems online and lives safe.

Industry sector


When a life depends on the function of medical equipment you can be confident that when working with us quality is assured.

From COVID Testing equipment to emergency room devices, modern medical equipment manufacturers rely on us when equipment is expected to work without fail. 

Industry sector


Modern rail utilises the latest technology from contrail systems to vehicle safety and onboard systems. 

We are a trusted partner for the safe reliable manufacture of cable assemblies in this demanding and fast-moving industry.

Industry sector


Some of the most challenging environments for electrical and electronic systems are found in Marine devices.   The dual challenge of water and salt are regular challenges we help clients to overcome.

Knowing how vital quality is to this industry, some of the largest names in the business relay on us to deliver high end technical solutions.  With Nicab Ltd it’s all plain sailing.

Industry sector


We will help you to fly to Mars and back!  From ground control to inflight electronics and space bound devices, cable assemblies play a vital part in avionic & space technology. 

Understanding the impact of weight, heat and air pressure the challenges find engineered solutions to by ensuring our assemblies meet all the stringent criteria required for aerospace devices.