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The preLink cabling system is an all-purpose cabling solution for IT, building automation and industrial applications. All preLink connectors, sockets, and the new PCB sockets can be connected in seconds using the preLink termination block.

Benefits at a glance
•  100% reliable and simple assembly process
•  Modular solution for M12 and RJ45
•  Fast cabling
•  Cat.6A: 10 Gbit/s, 500 MHz
•  Compatible with PoE and PoE+ ports

A unique feature of the preLink system, not available elsewhere on the market, is the separation of cable and connector into two separate units. Previously, crimp contacts or insulation displacement contacts could be connected only once.

preLink divides easily into two separable units. The first unit consists of connectors, sockets, couplings, or PCB terminals that have an identical fixture for holding the preLink termination block.

Thesecond unit is the termination block is the and the virtual heart of the system. It can accommodate up to eight stranded or solid wires, which can be simultaneously shortened and connected in one step using the corresponding pliers.

Cables can be assembled on-site and can be inserted, removed or replaced into any preLink  component at any time. Cables and connectors can be replaced independently of each other or installed separately as needed.


We think the specs are pretty impressive and if you work in industrial environments, peak to us about how e can take the hassle out of building assemblies for you as your trusted source for all things Cable Assembly contact us NOW to see how we can help you!

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