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A Blog on FCC Cables

Many people when thinking of 2.54mm pitch connector systems will naturally think of Crimp or IDC systems using either Discrete Equipment wire or Ribbon Cables. The traditional systems are still a vital component in electrical / electronic interconnection and each has their own benefits. For example a crimp system allows you to choose larger wire […]

IX Connector

Introducing the ix Industrial Ethernet Connector!

New products are launched all the time, some last the test of time others fall by the wayside as is the way with many new innovations in the fast paced world of electronics. The concept was first announced back in August 2016 with very little detail about how the connector system would look but now we […]


A Blog on Snapshot of the connector industry

Good news as the latest figures from Bishop & Associates, The Connector industry sales were up +5.1% in the fourth quarter of 2014. As first reported by www.connectorsupplier.com this is proof that the manufacturing industry for interconnection products is healthy and improving. The following fissures highlight this upward trend. 2014 Regional Results:     As […]


A Blog on Linear Heat Detection Cable

  Here is a product that I’ll bet you have never seen before – Heat-detecting cable manufactured by Patol Ltd!  This is a revolutionary, innovative product that acutely detects heat with no electronics or sensors.  The cable itself is the sensor. Mainly used in nuclear reactors and other no-fail applications, it comes in Analogue & […]


A Blog on iPass+™ HD Interconnect System

  Molex has further enhanced their range of IPass interconnect solutions with the IPass+ next generation of interconnect, designed to meet SAS-3 next-generation speed and density requirements. Molex is at the front of the pack in the drive to meet our ever-demanding need for speedy networks and according to their website, their iPass+ HD system, […]

A Blog on New Molex Fibre Optic innovation

Molex have produced a brand new silica-based, 200µm hard polymer clad fibre with strength well over the industry standard – the standard is 150 kpsi and typical attenuation of ≤10 dB/km at 650 nm and ≤6 dB/km at 850 nm The product range is aimed at the medical and harsh-environment markets.  I am particularly impressed […]

A Blog on Interconnection Going Green

Good news eco warriors! Alpha Wire has expanded their EcoWire range.  I previously blogged about manufacturers going green a while ago (see this link)  and Alpha Wire was listed as one of the leading green interconnection manufacturers.     The introduction of new products into the EcoWire has been expanded to include EcoCable® Control Cable […]