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A Blog on going green with Alpha Wire (again)

In my previous Blog ( http://nicab.co.uk/a-blog-on-interconnection-going-green ) I told you about the development of Alpha Wires’ Eco-Flex range.  Well they have only just gone and done it again! The exciting new development is the introduction to a Zero Halogen, (contains no heavy metals or phthalates) PUR jacket, mopped insulation. Targeted at the industrial user this now […]

A Blog on Interconnection Going Green

Good news eco warriors! Alpha Wire has expanded their EcoWire range.  I previously blogged about manufacturers going green a while ago (see this link)  and Alpha Wire was listed as one of the leading green interconnection manufacturers.     The introduction of new products into the EcoWire has been expanded to include EcoCable® Control Cable […]