FIBERFOX 2CH Cable from Neutrik

New, FIBERFOX 2CH Cable from Neutrik

Neutrik have launched their Fiberfox 2CH Connectors onto the market increasing the choice of available Expanded Beam Connectors.  

First, let’s discuss Expanded Beam as it’s still relatively new and many people are not aware of the benefits.  Expanded Beam is a system where a fibre connection does not make a physical contact, instead there is a lens between them enabling the beam of light to expand and then contract.

Because the fibre Optic is behind a lens it means the lens can be wiped clean when in harsh environments.  This has been a revolution in the expansion of the use of fibre optics as previously dirt and debris on the fibre would prevent it working and only specialist cleaning equipment could clean the fibre.  With expanded beam a simple wipe of the lens will do.

Neutrik are renowned for their high-quality connection solution and this entry into the market boasts an impressive MIL-DTL-83526 standard, making this widely adopted and easily deployable to existing hardware that uses similar Expanded Beam technology.

Directed at the Network, PA, Video, Broadcast, Defence & Government, Railway and Petrochemical industries I can see this taking off quite easily.

According to Neutrik some of the Features & Benefits include:

  • Heavy-duty, connectors IP68 (even unprotected)
  • Wear-free connectors, > 5.000 mating cycles without any maintenance
  • No special cleaning or measurement tools required
  • Cables are prolongable direct, no couplers required
  • Ø = 5mm, PUR flame-retardant, halogen-free, bent tolerant
  • Ready-made up with connectors EBC1502

Why is this an important product? Fibre Optics have always been expensive despite the massive amount to bandwidth and data transfer rates they can produce.  Fear of damaging fibre connectors had been a massive issue for heavy duty uses and expanded beam solves this problem.

If you can deploy fibre optics with confidence and very little technical expertise, wide adoption is not only possible but inevitable and with heavyweights such as Neutrik entering the game, we believe it won’t be long until expanded beam becomes a norm.

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