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A Blog on HUBER+SUHNER’s Enviroflex Environmentally Friendly Cable

I’m always a passionate advocate for any innovation that reduces our impact on the environment so I am pleased to see major manufacturers leading the way in investing on new technology. HUBER+SUHNER say “High-temperature RG types contain PTFE and FEP. HUBER+SUHNER Enviroflex replaces these expensive, halogen-containing polymers with cross-linked PE and RADOX®. The temperature range […]

New Anti-Capillary Cable from HUBER+SUHNER

HUBER+SUHNER has introduced a silicone-free RADOX® anti-capillary cable to meet the demand in the automotive market for barrier-sealed copper cables. This is an important development in the design of copper cables, where the demand for longer lasting cables has led to the development of innovations such as the anti capillary cable, to prevent the ingress […]