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A Blog On Expanded Beam Fibre Optics

Many of you may be familiar with traditional networking fibre optics but you may not be so familiar with Expanded Beam Technology. This week I want to introduce you to a powerful system originally designed for use in harsh environments but can easily be adopted for traditional networking and OEM Product design where copper based […]


A Guide to Mil Spec Connectors

For many people working with high end, harsh & no fail environment connector systems, Mil Spec will be the system of choice. Their longevity and track record of reliability and known quality makes them an easy design for any engineer, however for non technical buyers the part numbering system can be baffling. The following guide […]

A Simple Guide to Mil Spec Connectors

If you work in Electrical / Electronic manufacturing you will at some point come in contact with Military Specification (Mil Spec) Connectors and, like many people, you probably find the wide variety of specifications and options confusing. Don’t worry you’re not alone, many people who have not had the specific training find mil spec connectors […]