Introducing Molex’s Edge Lock series

In a previous Blog I introduced Molex’s Edge Lock series (Click Here).  The Edge series has been enhanced with the introduction of the Edge Lock Connector designed for low power applications but with the added feature of a positive locking system.

Available in 2-8 Circuits, with current up to 3.0A and wire gauges of 22-24 AWG it satisfies the low power end of the market.

According to Molex “EdgeLock Wire-to-Edge-Card Signal Connectors offer space savings and positive locking for secure mating to PCB edge cards”

To explain more about the Edge Connector system it works by removing the traditional pin header from the PCB allowing the connector to mate directly to the edge of the PCB.

Typically the header is soldered to the PCB, which adds space and assembly steps. Extra steps are involved if rework is required. EdgeLock is a solution for direct mating to PCB Edge-Card. At the same time, the latch can be used to release the assembly easily from the PCB.

The demand for positive locking is growing, improving PCB retention forces. Positive Locking system offers strong PCB-to-Connector retention.

Normal crimp terminals are easily damaged and have short-term electrical performance due to weak reliability. Dual cantilever crimp-terminal design promotes long-term electrical performance and reliability. And polarized crimp terminal ensures correct orientation and insertion into the housing.

Features and Benefits:

Polarization rib on connector housing

Prevents mis-mating to PCB

Dual cantilever crimp terminal design with embossed contact points

Offer greater normal force for long-term electrical reliability

Drilled hole in PCB

Ensures assembly locking

Locking feature on the reverse side of crimp terminal

Prevents accidental terminal withdrawal once inserted into the housing cavity

The connector has been designed primarily for the Lighting, Domestic Appliance & HVAC Devices however, with such simplicity I can see this being widely adopted through the Electronics Industry.


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