Contactless Technology Has Arrived!

TE Connectivity have raise the bar with new contactless technology and the future takes one step closer.

ARISO Contactless Connectivity reliably delivers power, data and signal over short distances – even in those harsh environments. And because ARISO Contactless Connectivity can replace complex and expensive harness constructions and slip rings, it enables connectivity where previously it was impossible. It even makes maintenance and installation a lot easier thanks to a high degree of design flexibility.

The main applications will be in the factory and automation industries however, it won’t be long until this technology is more widely adopted.

For those of you that get excited about technical specs check this out: (Click image below)


There is also a great vide to explain the technology to the less technical out there:

I hope this innovation excites you as much as me as while in the future we all be made redundant by new technology it does not mean we can’t get excited about its possibilities either!

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