A Blog on going green with Alpha Wire (again)

In my previous Blog ( http://nicab.co.uk/a-blog-on-interconnection-going-green ) I told you about the development of Alpha Wires’ Eco-Flex range.  Well they have only just gone and done it again!

The exciting new development is the introduction to a Zero Halogen, (contains no heavy metals or phthalates) PUR jacket, mopped insulation.

Targeted at the industrial user this now means control and automation as well as electronics applications are now covered.

Here is the overview:

  • Zero Halogen, contains no heavy metals or phthalates
  • PUR jacket, mPPE insulation
  • 8M+ flex life cycles
  • finely stranded tinned copper conductors, class 6
  • Up to 40% smaller and 44% lighter than standard 600V PUR continuous flex cables
  • UL Oil Res I
  • UL Sunlight Resistant
  • Operating temperature -50C to +90C (static) and -40C to +80C (dynamic)
  • Bend Radius 4X (static) and 6X (dynamic)


For me one of the most important specifications is the 8 Million Flex Cycles!  Did you read that 8 Million!!  That’s great for any devices requiring cable that will be constantly flexed!


There really are no excuses not to go green and specify this cable in one small way we can all do our bit to save the impact on the environment by using as many low environment impact components as possible!


There you have it go ahead design this great wire system in today!


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