A Blog on Molex MultiCat Power Connectors with Precision-Machined Contacts

Molex renounced for innovation continues to build on their power delivery systems with the MultiCat Connector System, which boasts an impressive range between 4A to 40A.  Using a range of connectors from in-line to circular I think this is well worth a look at in detail.

So what makes this different?

Firstly, Molex have opted for Machined Contacts as opposed to open “F” frimp system which puts this into the realm of high quality and robust categories.  This is an interesting and good step for maximizing power delivery when compared to their Mini-Fit Sr, Sabre & MLX System wich all use open barrel “F” Style crimps.

Why does this matter? 

It matters because Machined contacts in our view delver better performance and utilising Mill Spec tooling provided and better assured crimp which is vital for high current delivery.  Also, you can argue that when working with high power safety is critical and we believe Machined Contacts always deliver on maximizing cables to their best potential.

A well thought out system.

I like it when a manufacturer thinks about all the posable applications for a product and how it can be useful to OEM manufacturers, in this instance they have done just that.  From in-line to Circular connector to Wire to Board & Wire to Wire it really is a complete system of its own.

What markets is this designed for?

The short answer is many, including Commercial OEM, Aviation, Medical Industrial Automation & Telecommunications.  Just about any industry you can think of.  Ultimately this is targeted at anyone that expects their production to last and to be reliably with years of service.

I would recommend anyone looking at high quality power delivery to check out this system with so many and clever design features and wide application for use it is an easy choice for any new power design.

Check out the product video here.

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