In the electronics industry a JST Connector can be a by word for connectors around the 2mm pitch mark much like the Molex KK Series.  However, today I want to focus on the JWPS Series as recently we have been using a lot of them and have come to find them a great little product.

Let us get into the detail.   What are the basic features of the JWPF Series? 

The JWPF Series Wire to Wire waterproof connector is designed for small applications that require resistance to water ingress.

Uniquely constructed, this Waterproof Connector (2.0mm (.079″) pitch) features a spring action housing to terminal lock, which assures smooth and easy insertion and firm contact retention.

This waterproof connector also incorporates a solid rubber seal for wire side sealing, which facilitates a compact size and ensures a waterproof grade of more than 7 ingress protection of JIC C 0920 (IP X7 of IEC 60529).

One of the main benefits of this system is that it is easy to terminate and assemble.  Priced at an affordable end of the market this means it can be widely adopted by many markets from Automotive, White Goods and General Commercial Products that require a higher level of waterproofing.

A great little product that solves a lot of problems around water ingress so if you are looking for a connector series that is light weight, cost effective and easy to assemble then look no further!

A fringe benefit is that as a company JST have high level of UK based customer services offering local tooling experts along with their free sample services making this a really great company to do business with.  So, when designing in a connector why not look at JST first and see what they have to offer.

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