Ultra High-Vibration Locking Coupling System From ITT Cannon

This week I am introducing ITT Cannon’s K-Lock System for connectors designed to withstand high vibration preventing this risk of accidental de-coupling.

The K-Lock Connectors can withstand an unparalleled +100 g of shock & is resistant to +2,000 Hz of vibration, making this the ultimate in assured reliable continuous connectivity on critical connections.

Typically, the K-Lock connectors can be used in any harsh environment including Space Applications!  There are many great features that group together for this one great connector, for example the ability to withstand up to 2000 hours of salt spray!

Here are some of the unique features:

  • Secure twist and lock coupling
  • Eliminates the need for pinning or wiring of coupling nuts because of its internal locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel construction for extreme durability
  • Twist and lock functionality
  • Ratcheting coupling nut
  • Resistant to +100 g of shock
  • Resistant to +2,000 Hz of vibration
  • Withstands exposure to 2,000 hours of salt spray
  • 500 mating cycles

If you are building or designing products designed to work in the most harsh environments in the world or even Space, your first instinct may be to go straight for traditional Mill-Spec Connectors and in many cases you would be right to do this however, with so much choice out there you could be missing connectors that better fit your application.

With connectors such as the K-Lock connector you would be hard pressed to think of another series of connectors that offer so much protection and guaranteed reliability.

Here is a great short video demonstrating the K-Lock connector:


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