Take Me to The Moon & Back with Radiall Connectors!

Well into space at least.  It’s always been a dream of mine to travel into space although sadly for me I don’t believe it will ever become a reality.  However, what I can do is be part of the space industry and see our cables beamed into space.

Working in such a prestigious filed requires only the very best connectors on earth.  Literally!  Enter Radiall world renowned for quality and high performance.

Let’s face it if you are making a product that is being sent into outer space you need to know the materials you are working with are fully approved and designed to work in such extreme environments.

Radiall have designed a series of Connectors & Cable Assemblies specifically designed for and Space.

Offering a complete range of space qualified low loss flexible coaxial cable assemblies with SMA, SMA 2.9, TNC, Very High Power TNC or SMP connector, up to 40 GHz. Utilizing this technology guarantees the best performance depending on selected variant: Lightweight, low loss, high flexibility and high power.

In terms of connectors Radiall’s space offering includes a wide range of coaxial connectors with a frequency range up to Ka band. This includes, SMA, SMA 2.9 and Very High Power TNC connectors that are ESA qualified, TNC and SMP/SMP-LOCK connectors which are EPPL.

The thing that excites me more than anything else is working as part of the space industry is an opportunity to be the very best of the best where nothing less than excellent is the minimum.

There is nothing special about the people who work in the space industry apart from their burning desire to create products that just don’t fail which is more about personal integrity than being clever in my view.  We can all adopt this mentality no matter what industry we work in it’s about taking each day ask asking how I can do better and that’s all that putting thing in space is about!

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