New RFID Cable Ties from Hellermann Tyton

This Weeks Blog is sort of related to Cable Assembly in as much as I have seen a product that is quite literally a game changer.  Hellermann Tyton have release their new rang of RFID Cable Ties immediately solving many identification problems and enable greater assembly information than available on tradition labels.

There are three main types:

Nylon cable tie with low or high RFID transponderLow-and-high-frequency-glass-rod-RFID-transponder-1

Applications include:
•Theft prevention •Keg and gas cylinder tracking •Asset management •Attendance verification •Security tagging •Leak detection •Essential maintenance •Baggage tagging

Metal detectable cable tie with RFID identification tag

Metal Content Tie (MC) is supplied in Blue and is suitable for food industry applications complete Metal-content-RFID
with either a Low Frequency (LF) or High Frequency (HF) RFID Transponder.




MBT 316 Stainless Steel cable tie with HF RFID or UHF RFID Transponder

Suitable for all the above with the added protection of a strong metal clip.MBT-Stainless-Steel-cable-tie-with-UHF-RFID-Transponder-1

Here is a real life example of how this cable tie is useful.  Suppose you make a series pf cables and each looking the same but have slight differences such as length.  Next you may want Serial number, date tested and assembler, all achievable with traditional labels but let’s extend this further.  How about adding the following information:

Cable Location including points A & B

Cable Pin-Out

BOM of Parts

Cable / Connector Specifications

Tools Used with Calibration Information

Parts Tractability


The list goes on and I am sure you can think of your own many different ideas of how this simple technology can be put to good use.

As a big fan of innovation this is one product I would like to become commonplace.

For more information on RFID Click HERE for our Guide

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