A New Guide: MPO Fibre Connectors

One of the most useful innovations in the use of fibre optics for datacoms has to be MPO (Multi-fibre Push On) and this week I will be introducing you to this great and largely under used system.

If you are not familiar with MPO fibre, it is a connector for cables with four to twenty-four fibres. In other words, it enables you to terminate multiple fibres into one high density connector.MPO Connector

Having multiple fibres on one connector not only reduces the amount of time to install it makes the connection system so much more simple. Compatible with Multimode and Singlemode fibre it is incredibly versatile.

There’s another added benefit of the system. The space saved by using this high density connector means if you are designing a product that uses multiple fibre connections overnight you can massively reduce the size of the product.






So if you did not know about MPO you now do and if you need any further information we your friendly cable assembly / interconnection experts will help you to design it into your products.

Here is a great video to help explain in more detail!

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