Molex Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors

If you are not already familiar with Molex Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors then this is something you may find yourself using in the future.Ultra-fit_recpetacle_housings_smi

Similar to the Mini-Fit and the Micro-Fit series at 3.5mm pitch it fits snugly between the two.  There are some great features within the connector series and I wanted to show you these as I think they are simple yes great ideas that make assembly and fitting that little more easy.

Lets start with some quick specs:

Pitch: 3.5MM

Single & Double Row

Wire Range: 16-22AWG

Voltage (max.): 400V

Current (max.): Tin — 14.0A; Gold — 12.0A Contact Resistance Tin and Gold (max.): 7 milliohms

Circuits: 2-16

Colour: Black & Natural

So what are the features that separate this from other power to board connectors?  Optional TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) retainer, that’s colour coded retainer that Guarantees the terminal is fully seated in the housing to reduce terminal back-out. Retains terminal if main retention feature fails.

Terminal interface with six independent points of contact (split-box terminal design) Offers redundant, secondary current paths for longterm performance and reliability

6 Point Contact

There is a lot more info on the Molex website just click this link:  MOLEX ULTRA-FIT

You can check out this great video that explains everything and also show how the positive contact retention clip works which is my personal favourite feature!

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