Introducing New Cable Glands for Food Hygiene!

In my previous blog (Click here)  I introduced the worlds smallest cable gland, this week I bring you Blueglobe CLEAN Plus® specialist glands from Pflitsch for environments where hygiene is paramount, for example food preparation.

What’s unique about the Blueglobee glands is they have no hard edges and are easy to clean.  Thanks to their smooth edges they are ideal of any product where regular cleaning cycles are required.

  • Ideal for food,beverage and pharmaceutical industry designed and certified in accordance with the strict EHEDG, DGUV and ECOLAB standards
  • Smooth surfaces (Ra < 0.8 μm) and rounded surfaces for easy cleaning
  • AISI Stainless Steel and PVDF options
  • Flexible hose options with high pressure operations
  • Resistant to most normal cleaning products, disinfectants, acids, alkalis and condensates which are used in the food industry.
  • High temperature resistant up to 150C

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