Harwin’s Datamate Connector Series Now for High Current!

Harwin a company that is proud to say are a UK Manufacturer of connector systems have future developed their popular Datamate connector series by introducing the T-Contact raises the current capacity on compact 2mm pitch interconnection systems, with up to 8.5A per contact.

This is great news for anyone that struggling to find a small pitch connector capable of carrying high amp rates.  If you have ever had to design in higher amp ratings into either small PCB’s or confided spaces you will know the challenges this presents.  These new 8.5A Contacts solve this problem!

According to Harwin “The innovative patented design employed in these components presents more contact points, which thereby enhances their resilience to shock (100G) and vibrational forces (40G for 6 hours – 2 hours on each axis). The crimp barrels accept 22AWG wire and comply with IPC-A-620 cable harnessing specifications. The contacts are also gold plated in order to ensure that reliable performance is maintained in even the most demanding of application environments (allowing US military requirements to be met, etc.). It also means that a far greater number of mating cycles (up to 1000) can be undertaken, thereby extending the operation lifespan of connectors into which they are incorporated. Their operational temperature range spans from -55°C to +125°C”.

They go on to state “The T-Contact exhibits 60% greater contact wipe compared to existing Datamate contacts – which improves the self-cleaning action and reduces the possibility of surface contamination arising. To accompany these groundbreaking contacts, Harwin supplies a variety of dual-row housings with different jackscrews which are available direct from stock in a broad range of different sizes, from 4 to 50 position options.

Among their main target applications are defense, avionics (control systems, radar, UAVs, etc.), motorsport (navigation systems, sensors, telemetry equipment), industrial automation (drives/controls, robotics, motion control systems) and satellites”.

We think this is a real innovation worth taking a look at plus if you have ever had the pleasure of working with Harwin you will know what a great team of people work there.  Unlike other large connector companies their technical support is excellent and all UK Based which makes a massive difference when you need answers fast.

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