Fiber Optic Connectors: A quick and simple guide!

This week I am going to give you an overview of common fibre connectors in use today.  I get asked a lot about which connectors to use and this following guide should give you an idea of what is out there and is best suited to your application.

I have also spoilt you with a video guide at the bottom of this printable guide!






Used for networking applications. It’s actually a little smaller than a standard phone jack, and just as easy to connect and disconnect. It’s half the size of the SC connector and it was designed to replace LC Connectors but that is yet to happen.






Used for networking applications. Duplex connector with fixed shroud, keyed.



ESCON Fiber Optic Connector




Used for Data and Voice network applications (Duplex)







One of the most commonly used fibre optic connectors in networking applications. Cylindrical with twist lock coupling, 2.5mm keyed ferrule. For both short distances applications and long line systems.


SC Connector




Used frequently for newer network applications. Square, keyed connector with push-pull mating, 2.5mm ferrule and molded housing for protection.


SMA905 Fiber Optic Connector




The SMA fiber connector is decreasing in popularity.  Used mainly in Electronics.







Decreasing in use.  Used in the medical device industries.






By far the most popular connector used in the IT industry.  It has been around for years and has no signs of going away anytime soon.  It is simple and easy so likely to still be in use for years to come.

MU Connector

MU Connector





This simplex connector is not as popular LC connectors are.  This is because LC Connectors are able to be used as simplex connectors and more widely available.


Toslink Connector






Toslink connectors are used in Hi-Fi and Audio Products. Delivering the highest quality of audio signal available but also simple, robust and very inexpensive.


With Fibre Optics there is much more than just the connectors as the cable is also a massive subject on its own so watch out for future blogs on the subject.

Here is the video I promised you, enjoy:

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