Common Coax Cable Types

Coaxial Cable was first developed back in the late 1800′s along with many innovations and is still very much with us today.

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Although Coax has been around for a while it is still used in cutting edge technology. From it’s early uses in telegraph communications it is used today in mobile phones and high-end communication devices.

There are a lot of different types of coax and the following guide is aimed at giving you an idea of the choice of most common coax cables and their uses.


Cable Type     Ohm     Application

RG6                  75Ohm    Used for Cable & Satellite TV.

RG58               50Ohm    Ethernet (10Base2) & Radio Communications

RG59               75Ohm    CCTV & HD Signal Cable (pictured)

RG174             50Ohm    GPS & Wireless Network Cables

RG178             50Ohm    Hi-Frequency Signal Transition

RG179             75Ohm    VGA & RGB Video Applications

RG213             50Ohm    Radio Communication similar to RG58 but lower loss

CT100             75Ohm    Satellite TV Cable

There are plenty more types of Coax, however the above covers the most common widely used cables, still very much in use today.

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