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Introducing New Cable Glands for Food Hygiene!

In my previous blog (Click here)  I introduced the worlds smallest cable gland, this week I bring you Blueglobe CLEAN Plus® specialist glands from Pflitsch for environments where hygiene is paramount, for example food preparation. What’s unique about the Blueglobee glands is they have no hard edges and are easy to clean.  Thanks to their […]

RJ Point Five

Two cable innovations – revolutionary and useful (possibly)!

This week I bring you two innovations, one which could be a revolution and the other that is very useful.  Starting with TE Connectivity’s new RJ Point Five data connector system which according to the marketing information could replace the traditional RJ45 connector. So let’s take a closer look.  The port spacing is on a […]


A Blog on Branded v Generic Connectors

We are all familiar with shops own v branded products they are everywhere including the electronics and cable assembly industries.  The questions I am going to be asking today is how do you know when it’s ok to go own brand/generic and does it make any difference anyway? Let’s take a look at the basic […]


A Blog on Crimping Termonlogy

If you ever wondered what people are talking about in conversations on crimping terminology when they come out with phrases like “Belmouth” or “Conductor Brush” then wonder no more. The following guide will give you all the info you need to fully understand everything there is to know about crimping terminology. BELLMOUTH (FLARE) The flare […]


A New Guide: MPO Fibre Connectors

One of the most useful innovations in the use of fibre optics for datacoms has to be MPO (Multi-fibre Push On) and this week I will be introducing you to this great and largely under used system. If you are not familiar with MPO fibre, it is a connector for cables with four to twenty-four […]


A Blog on Cables returning to the UK for Manufacture

In the last 12 months we have seen a massive amount of Cable Assemblies and Electronics being brought back into the UK for manufacturing.  This is great news, so let us take a look at why this shift, focusing specifically on Cable Assemblies. There are 5 main reasons for the re-partition of assembly work and […]