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A Blog on FCC Cables

Many people when thinking of 2.54mm pitch connector systems will naturally think of Crimp or IDC systems using either Discrete Equipment wire or Ribbon Cables. The traditional systems are still a vital component in electrical / electronic interconnection and each has their own benefits. For example a crimp system allows you to choose larger wire […]

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A Blog on Wire Crimping Terminology

For many of us in the manufacturing business there are many terms and acronyms we have to get our head around and this week I am going to introduce you to the terminology around wire crimping. Many of the following terms will be familiar to you however; do you really know what they mean and […]


Nicab Ltd Invest in new Cirris CR+ Test Equipment!

  We’re really happy to make today’s announcement as this major investment confirms our commitment to quality.  We will now have the ability to provide more detailed tests on our clients Cable Assemblies & Harnesses, which will go further than many of our competitors standard tests of Continuity, Shorts, Crosses and Open Connections. The increased […]

A Blog on Cable / Connector Companies using Technology to help customers:

In previous blogs I have brought you Molex and RS Design Spark ( where companies are leading the way in information delivery, specifically for the purpose of helping their customers.   This week 3M enters the ring with their 3M Esperance newsletters.  The content packed into these informative newsletters leads to more in-depth technical information […]