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Connectors going green?

One thing that is good about big companies is their responsibility to society and, more specifically for the purpose of this blog, the environment. The bigger the company the more pressure is put on them to show how much they care and want to make a positive difference. So let’s look at who’s been doing […]

Apple’s new doc connector!

For all you Apple tech junkies out there we have some news for you.  As reported at the tech blogs Tapscape and The APPera, the Taiwan – notoriously known for circulating leaked images of Apple devices ahead of formal release dates – has done it again. This time, images reportedly leaked from Apple’s internal inventory reveal a white […]

A New Year a New Innovation!

As we ease ourselves into 2011 wondering what this year will bring in interconnection and innovation there is news that Apple’s iPad &iPhone may soon sprout magnetic connectors for fast disengage. Patently Apple is reporting that a recent – and apparently rather hastily published – continuation patent application seems to reveal the company’s intention to integrate […]