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RS & Coax Cables

Working in CCTV is all about video quality.  Don’t allow your system to run on poor quality cables.  Talk to us as High Quality is NOT as expensive as you think! We know of many ways of ensuring you have excellent video quality while not compromising on value. Call us now to find out more.

Helpful Partnerships in Engineering

We have teamed up with AiiD to reduce the cost of your control equipment. Together we can dramatically reduce the cost of Power Control. Call us today to find out more! These guys are doing some very clever things with control units.  not only reducing space and power consumption but also cost. We recommend that […]

CCTV interconnection

The latest developments in CCTV require much better knowledge of interconnection.  To get the best possible images you must use the right connectors.  For example using our 75 ohm Gold plated inner and outer contact BNC Connectors will ensure those HD feeds are delivered with consistent High Quality. If you want to learn more just get in […]