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A New Year a New Innovation!

As we ease ourselves into 2011 wondering what this year will bring in interconnection and innovation there is news that Apple’s iPad &iPhone may soon sprout magnetic connectors for fast disengage. Patently Apple is reporting that a recent – and apparently rather hastily published – continuation patent application seems to reveal the company’s intention to integrate […]

Renewable Energy latest products…

There is good news for the renewable energy industry as Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. has developed wiring than can conduct about 50 percent more current than existing superconductive cables, targeting power producers and medical equipment makers seeking more efficient delivery of electricity. The wires, known as high-temperature superconductors, are made using the metal bismuth and have zero […]

Explosion proof Ethernet and USB connectors for hazardous industrial environments

If you are a design engineer for a company that produces products that work in hazardous or industrial environments then you will be pleased to hear about some truly exciting products to hit the market. The eXLink Ethernet and USB explosion proof connectors from Cooper Crouse-Hinds combine the safety of an explosion-protected connector system with the advantages […]

CCTV interconnection

The latest developments in CCTV require much better knowledge of interconnection.  To get the best possible images you must use the right connectors.  For example using our 75 ohm Gold plated inner and outer contact BNC Connectors will ensure those HD feeds are delivered with consistent High Quality. If you want to learn more just get in […]