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ARISO Contactless Connectivity

Contactless Technology Has Arrived!

TE Connectivity have raise the bar with new contactless technology and the future takes one step closer. ARISO Contactless Connectivity reliably delivers power, data and signal over short distances – even in those harsh environments. And because ARISO Contactless Connectivity can replace complex and expensive harness constructions and slip rings, it enables connectivity where previously […]

XNI Series

New JST Vibration Proof Connectors

In this industry it can be like waiting for a bus you wait for an innovation and two come at once. This week I am bring you not one but two innovations’ from JST bit aimed at vibration resistant applications. Good news as I like products designed for anti vibration as when designing in these […]

RJ Point Five

Two cable innovations – revolutionary and useful (possibly)!

This week I bring you two innovations, one which could be a revolution and the other that is very useful.  Starting with TE Connectivity’s new RJ Point Five data connector system which according to the marketing information could replace the traditional RJ45 connector. So let’s take a closer look.  The port spacing is on a […]


Unprecedented Performance with Thunderbolt™ 3 over USB-C

Dubbed the “USB-C that does it all”, Thunderbolt™ 3 is proving to be a game-changer in how we think about connectivity and performance. As with any disruptive technology, there is bound to be some confusion about what this means for your current devices and how to ensure that you’re making the most of these new […]


Intel & Apple join forces to produce the Thunderbolt Optical Cable

It seems that right now thunderbolt and USB Type-C connectors are all over the electronics industry and seem to becoming the connector of choice for many PC & Tablet Manufacturers. As first reported in Optical cables for Thunderbolt ports that enable faster data transfers over longer distances on computers such as Apple’s Macintosh will […]

Molex Waterproof

New Innovation in Waterproof Interconnectivity from Molex!

For those of us in the cable assembly business finding waterproof connector systems can sometimes be a challenge as the options can sometimes be limited especially when limited space is available. Luckily Molex have come up with a innovative system the Mizu-P25™ Miniature Wire-to-Wire Connectors the Smallest to Provide IP67 Rating. According to Molex “The […]


New (ish) Product Innovations!

This week’s blog is all about innovation. However, the innovation I bring you is not new.  I know this does not sound right at all, but keep reading. If like me you believe the best things are simple and done well you’ll love this new product innovation – the Souriau Hermetic Feed-through (Solder Contacts on […]