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Planning for Success

As we start to return to normal after the holiday period we can take this opportunity to take a fresh look at how we can help ourselves to being more efficient with our time and get more done with less cost. One thing we know is that Cable Assemblies in Electronics take time to manufacture, […]

Facebook invests in undersea cable project

As reported by the BBC, Facebook has invested in a 6,214-mile Asian undersea cable project. The Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) is designed to improve Internet speeds for citizens and businesses in the region. The cable will run directly from Malaysia to South Korea and Japan, with links branching off to other countries. According to the […]

Top Ten Industrial Connector Manufacturers

Thanks to our friends at Bishop & Associates Inc we  bring you the top 10 industrial connector manufacturers. According to Bishop & Associates, over the past decade, the world industrial production has grown quite strongly. Despite the dramatic collapse in 2008-2009, we’ve seen exceptional recovery in 2010. Obviously, this is such high-level data that it […]