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A Blog on HUBER+SUHNER’s Enviroflex Environmentally Friendly Cable

I’m always a passionate advocate for any innovation that reduces our impact on the environment so I am pleased to see major manufacturers leading the way in investing on new technology. HUBER+SUHNER say “High-temperature RG types contain PTFE and FEP. HUBER+SUHNER Enviroflex replaces these expensive, halogen-containing polymers with cross-linked PE and RADOX®. The temperature range […]


A Blog on Linear Heat Detection Cable

  Here is a product that I’ll bet you have never seen before – Heat-detecting cable manufactured by Patol Ltd!  This is a revolutionary, innovative product that acutely detects heat with no electronics or sensors.  The cable itself is the sensor. Mainly used in nuclear reactors and other no-fail applications, it comes in Analogue & […]

Common Coax Cable Types

Coaxial Cable was first developed back in the late 1800′s along with many innovations and is still very much with us today. Although Coax has been around for a while it is still used in cutting edge technology. From it’s early uses in telegraph communications it is used today in mobile phones and high-end communication […]