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I have always had a soft spot for Huber Suhner connectors. They are so well made and have such an extensive range.

It is fair to say that Huber Suhner operates in the top end of the RF Connector market. However, it must be added some of their products are working at the very limits of microwave technology, so you do get a lot of engineering brains behind the creation of the connectors.RF_Assy_0001633

The point of this blog is to look beyond the technical ‘stuff’ to see what they are doing that is so different and that really helps their customers. The answer is somewhat predictable – Customer Service. However, good Customer Service is what sets them apart, and below I will detail how they use this to help people; specifically me!

When we are designing new cables or we are asked by our customer to assist them with choosing connectors we have many options, but RF can be tricky as performance is critical and this has to be balanced against cost.  With that said, we know that if we specify Huber Suhner we won’t have performance issues.

There are a couple of things that Huber Suhner does that really supports their customers; firstly, they have a very high level of product and technical knowledge, as well as easy-to-understand literature.

Another very special feature is the product finder on their website which, unlike so many other companies’ product catalogues and downloadable brochures, is visually attractive and user-friendly beyond anything I have seen before. Check this out by following the below link:


It is the simple things that make all the difference, however you cannot go wrong in adding to your brand integrity by making technical, product information look visually stunning.   This is a class lesson in brand differentiation; keep it simple and keep it pretty… people like pictures!

So, the next time you need RF connectors take a look at Huber Suhner and decide to go with a touch of class!

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