Amphenol FCI’s new Griplet® Connectors!

This week I want to introduce you to the new Griplet®  Connectors from Amphenol FCI!
These simple IDC Terminal is an ideal connector where space is tight and ease of installation is important. Each connector has a height of 3.7mm and a footprint of 4.0mm.

Furthermore, this can replace the need for expensive terminals on PCB’s enabling the PCB Design to be more flexible. By accommodating multiple wire sizes 20-32 AWG stranded and solid wire.

The Griplet® solution has four points of wire contact plus a strain relief to provide excellent High Vibration and Highly reliable connection to Enable harsh and industrial applications with direct connection between individual wires and PCB performance.


  • Low profile / compact
  • Accommodates multiple wire sizes
  • Break-off carrier strip
  • Post applied insulative housings
  • Multiple Terminal Delivery Options:
  • Stitched on pitch within disposable Pick & Place carrier

Although you can argue this is more of a PCB Product from a wiring point of view I can see how this product will be really useful and because of its simplicity make wire to board for power & state quick and simple.


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