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For many of us in the manufacturing business there are many terms and acronyms we have to get our head around and this week I am going to introduce you to the terminology around wire crimping.

Many of the following terms will be familiar to you however; do you really know what they mean and how each term has a significance?   If like many people you feel you know a bit but want to have a greater upstanding then this following list is just for you!

mecal applicator

Applicator: A crimping die within a mechanical unit that provides automated crimping via crimps on a reel or chain for quick consistent crimping.

Butting die: A crimping die in which the nest and indenter touch at the end of the crimping cycle.

Circumferential crimp: A type of crimp in which the crimping dies surround the barrel, resulting in symmetrical indentations in the barrel.

Conductor barrel: The section of a terminal that accommodates the stripped conductor. It is the part that gets crimped.

Connector: A device, either a plug or a receptacle, used to terminate or connect the conductors of individual wires or cables. A connector provides a means to continue the conductors to a mating connector or printed circuit board.



Crimp: The compression of a terminal barrel around a conductor to make an electrical connection.

Crimp depth: The distance the indenter penetrates into the barrel.

Indenter: The part of a crimping die that indents or compresses the contact barrel.

Insulation barrel: The section of a terminal that accommodates the conductor insulation. It can be crimped.

Insulation displacement connector: A process in which a contact pierces through the wire insulation to contact the conductor.

Locator: A device for positioning terminals in crimping dies.

Nest: The portion of a crimping die that supports the barrel during crimping.

Pull-out force: The tensile force needed to separate a wire from a terminal.

Terminal: A device attached to the end of a wire or cable for conveniently making electrical connections.

So there you have it a simple list of terms and their meaning.  Want to know more?  Then just ask us your local cable assembly expert for more information!

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