A Blog on MHF® I LK Micro RF Coaxial Connector System

In High-End RF Connector Systems, U.FL connectors from Hirose is one of the most well-known connectors in the market.  Typically used in devises such as Mobile Telecommunication, Wireless Devices and GPS.

What you may not be so familiar with is the MHF® I LK Micro RF Coaxial Connector System from I-PEX.  Broadly speaking the U.FL & MHF are very similar however, separated by one very important feature.  The locking mechanism is a great design aspect of this connector that separates it from other connectors.

The ability lock into position is taken directly from the technology behind drones where vibration is an issue therefore the locking mechanism solves this problem.   The more you think about it the you may want to ask why this was not developed sooner.

Let’s look at the technical specifications.

Mating type: Right angle vertical mating type
Mating height: 2.9 mm max.
Width: 4.0 mm (PCB pattern size)
Length: 4.2 mm (PCB pattern size)
V.S.W.R: DC to 3 GHz = 1.3 max., 3 to 6 GHz = 1.5 max.
Supported cable: AWG #30 (1.80 mm O.D.)

AWG #30 (1.37 mm O.D.)

AWG #32 (1.32 mm O.D.)

AWG #32 (1.13 mm O.D.)

AWG #36 (0.81 mm O.D.)

Receptacle: MHF I & II Receptacle (P/N 20279-001E-** or 20441-001E-01)
Mating retention force when locked: 20 N min. (When mated for the first time)


There is a lot more technical info on IPEX’s website however, here is a fantastic looking product demonstration video.

The choice in connecters can sometimes be overwhelming so it is always best to speak to your cable assembly partner for good advice as to what connector is best for you.

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