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Ethernet is becoming one of the mist widely adopted methods of data transfer in interconnection.  It’s high bandwidth and long-established standards it makes for easy adoption into modern connected devices.

With the drive towards every device being internet ready adding smart elements to products is becoming a must.  The modern connected home relies on Ethernet to communicate for example from our phones we can control a host of devices from lightbulbs, fridges and central heating to CCTV door bells!

One area that has been lagging behind is industrial products partly by having limited deed to Ethernet to issues over availability of industrial grade ethernet connectors.  In recent years this has all changed.  For example, it is now essential that machines be connected to the company network for monitoring for performance.

What are the options available for industrial Ethernet?  Let’s take a look at the most popular ones we see being used today.

Lutze, a German based manufacture provide a fanatic easy to assemble RJ45 Connector that is both cost effect but as you would expect from the Germans parti

ally well made.  Available in straight and right-angle versions you cannot go wrong with these.

Harting, you know the name and from an aesthetic point of view these connectors look great!  The unique feature with the Harting connectors is which the are designed for industrial Ethernet Cables they can also accommodate traditional Ethernet wires down to 24 AWG.

TE Connectivity the behemoth as you would expect have a range of industrial Ethernet connectors.  Well designed and rugged positioned to be a fast install with their marketing information suggesting assembly time is a low as 1min  however, the most impressive features is that it comes with an IP67 rating on the Cat 6A Connectors.

This is just a small selection of available connectors however, it does give a really good idea of what is out there.  And as you can imagine when you scratch the surface you will see that wile there are many similarities across industrial Ethernet connectors there are also some differences what will makes some connectors more attractive than others depending of the specific application you are working on.

Like all things connector related the choice can be overwhelming so it is always best to speak to your cable assembly partner for good advice as to what connector is best for you.

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