A Blog on Hirose DF13 Connectors

We are often asked to help customers with new designs of their cable assemblies and one common theme is making assemblies smaller enabling the overall product footprint to become as small as possible.

One connector series we find most effective is the DF13 Series connectors from Hirose.  The reason this connector series is easy to offer is because the versatility and the smaller size of the connectors.

Here are the basic specs:


·         1.25 mm pitch

·         3.6 mm (DIP or SMT right angle), 5.3 mm (DIP straight), and 5.8 mm (SMT straight) mounting heights

·         2-15 single-row contacts or 10-40 double-row contacts

·         Supports automatic pick-n-place mounting

·         Available in embossed tape-and-reel packaging

·         Multiple pin headers: DIP or SMT types

·         Accepts 26 AWG to 32 AWG


The above specifications make this a really useful small form connector and also comes with a very attractive price point.

Whilst there are plenty of choices available for similar size connectors few offer the single and dual row versions making this connector series incredibly versatile.    What’s more is if your designing a product that is expected to be made in mass production your off-shore suppliers will have no problem sourcing the components as Hirose are a truly global brand spanning the world with their distribution channels.

If you are not already familiar with Hirose I recommend you also looking at their complete connector series as they offer.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have a challenge with your cable assemblies we your local cable assembly provider will be more than happy to assist!

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