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Many people when thinking of 2.54mm pitch connector systems will naturally think of Crimp or IDC systems using either Discrete Equipment wire or Ribbon Cables.
The traditional systems are still a vital component in electrical / electronic interconnection and each has their own benefits. For example a crimp system allows you to choose larger wire gauges and IDC systems enable mass termination in one process.

The FCC Interconnection System is very popular so lets look at how using the system more widely will save money and help to reduce the overall product size.
Firstly, the FCC System is tool-less meaning no expensive tooling or difficult assembly methods to learn which is music to any production manager’s ears. Assembly Staff will be able to produce products with little training. Also, due to the polarised nature of the cable its impossible to cross wire.  Anther tangible benefit is less components to fail so product malfunctions in the field are less likely.
The space saving qualities come from the cable being so thin it will take up very little room inside the product helping to reduce product foot print which is often part of the driver of product innovation.
The next time you are looking at introducing a 2.54mm pitch interconnection system into a new or existing product give FCC Connector Systems a go!

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