A Blog on HUBER+SUHNER’s Enviroflex Environmentally Friendly Cable

I’m always a passionate advocate for any innovation that reduces our impact on the environment so I am pleased to see major manufacturers leading the way in investing on new technology.

HUBER+SUHNER say “High-temperature RG types contain PTFE and FEP. HUBER+SUHNER Enviroflex replaces these expensive, halogen-containing polymers with cross-linked PE and RADOX®. The temperature range is limited to 105°C which is still sufficient in many cases. Enviroflex basic further cuts down on cost by using common PE dielectrics and LSFH jackets. The maximum allowed temperature is consequently reduced to 85°C. The silver plating of the braids is replaced with a tin layer. Prices can therefore be reduced up to 50% compared to the initial RG type”.

Now we have major brands such as HUBER+SUHNER with their Enviroflex and Alpha Wire and their Ecowire range you have Hook-up Wire, Multicore and now Coax cables covered.  It is now down to design engineers to create products using the most environmentally friendly products available today.

The manufacturing industry by its very nature is demanding on the environment from the use of raw materials thought to each stage in the manufacturing process themselves however, every small step we make in limiting our impact on the environment then I believe we have a moral duty to do so.


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