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  • New Guide to Ethernet Cat 5e & Cat 6 Testing!


    Many of you will be familiar with RJ45 Cables in the Cat 5e & Cat 6 formats they are pretty much commonplace with anyone that has an office network or Broadband Router at home. However, for those of us in the manufacturing there is a whole lot more to these simple looking cables than meets […]

  • A Guide to Mil Spec Connectors


    For many people working with high end, harsh & no fail environment connector systems, Mil Spec will be the system of choice. Their longevity and track record of reliability and known quality makes them an easy design for any engineer, however for non technical buyers the part numbering system can be baffling. The following guide […]

  • New Guide to Medical Connectors


    This week I bring you my guide to Medical Connectors.  Even if you don’t work in the medical field this is still worth a read as many technologies used are transferable qualities. If you are designing or improving existing Cables and Intern-connection it’s well worth considering Medical Grad Connectors as an alternative to Mill Spec […]